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The better the clarity of the image you upload, the easier it is for our community to know exactly what you are looking for. For the community to find the best matched products for you, please upload only clear, high quality images.
The more detailed your Quest the better. Add in as many details as you want in the description. This helps the community narrow down Finds that help solve your Quest quicker.
Tags are meant to help the community browse through Quests. When starting a Quest or submitting a Find enter relevant and precise tags only. We might edit your tags if we feel it’s required.
As an avid online shopper, take up a challenge and help other members solve their Quests. This will not only make you feel like a fashion superhero, but will also grow your fashion karma.
Our community is largely based in India so when answering a Quest, put in links from online stores that are shoppable from and deliver in India only.
Be mindful of the Quest that you are trying to answer. For example, if a user wants a green dress, submitting a red dress doesn’t help the user, but if a user is looking for any dress in a particular style, go ahead, submit the red dress. This is where human interaction trumps an automated machine spitting out results.
Everyone likes their privacy to be respected. If you are posting an image of someone who isn’t a celebrity, do try to cut out their face as much as possible. You’d be happier if they did the same for you too.
Please keep all interactions on SeenIt fun and positive! We are a supportive community built to help each other.
Anything that is sexual in nature, depicts violently graphic material, any harassment, disrespect, cruelty, unkind or illegal activity will be removed without warning. This could also lead to your account getting deleted.
Lastly, this is a fun community. Whether you are starting a Quest, submitting a Find, or just browsing and discovering new trends and stores, have a blast doing so.