5 Miraculous Ways To Cure Dryness, Itchiness, Roughness & Cracks On Skin


It’s a loop, every year. As winter beckons, your skin starts to develop a mind of its own. It starts behaving unusually, resulting in either excessive acne (oily skin), or excessive dryness and roughness (dry skin). With the chilly season in full swing – and for the purpose of this post – let’s dig deeper into the latter.

Now, it’s a known fact that winter and skin aren’t the best of friends. With the lack of moisture in the air, your skin tends to lose hydration, and in turn, appears cracked and feels rough. The solution? Check out the following:

#1: Pick a thick moisturizer.


During summer, we tend to pick light-formula creams and lotions that don’t feel too sticky. Switch that during winter, and opt for thick formulas specific to your skin type. Not only will it stay for longer on your skin, but aid in reducing cracks too.

#2: Avoid excessively hot showers.


They might sound like a great idea, but did you know, scalding temperatures tend to dry out your skin even more? It removes the little amount of natural moisture left in your skin, and worsens the situation. Instead, opt for lukewarm showers that led the necessary relief, and keep your skin’s moisture intact.

#3: Say no to shaving often.


Uh, who’s looking? You’re wearing sweatpants/leggings/tights anyway, right? Unless *absolutely* necessary, keep away from shaving as it only increases the roughness and itchiness of the skin. A great alternative is to use a trimmer that targets just your hair and not the skin underneath.

#4: Drink water. A LOT.


A hot cup of cocoa is tempting AF, but remember that your skin needs fluids to stay hydrated despite the season. However, you’re allowed to keep sipping lukewarm water with a pinch of lemon. Not only will it keep you refreshed all throughout, but also hydrate your skin from within.

#5: Don’t ignore your hands and feet.


Both these body parts have fewer oil glands, which means, you need to show extra love to them. Pick lotions that contain glycerine or petroleum jelly for extra hydration. As an additional step, always wear gloves to keep your hands extra-soft, and sleep with soft woolen socks on to avoid cracked feet.

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