5 Editor-Approved Tricks To Look Your Fashionable Best In Pictures


Forever stuck in the photo-purgatory we like to call “expectations vs. reality”? Chill, you’re not alone. Thousands of fashion-forward gals go through this situation – they dress up like a queen, click hundreds of pictures, but the final result is a major thumbs down.

It’s a social media-crazed world, and not looking your absolute best is NOT an option. We stalked a few Instagram models, and picked some of their secrets. Let’s unravel them today, shall we?

1. Keep your kohl/liner and mascara on fleek.

Eyes are the focal point of any portrait, and droopy eyes kill the entire picture. An easy way to escape that? Generous amounts of mascara right before you’re getting your picture clicked!


2. Use a prop.

A handbag, a jacket, a pair of sunglasses or a cocktail in your hand relax your posture, and add personality to your picture. On the other hand, stand straight awkwardly and you’re the winner of the “goofball of the year” award.


3. Tuck your tummy in, even if you don’t have a bulging one.

This one’s straight outta red carpet! Simply twist your torso a little, and turn one shoulder towards the camera. This is how you not only look slimmer, but also strike a celeb-like pose without any effort.


4. Saying “cheese” is cheesy AF.

You’re out to look stylish, not adorable. Also, you’re no longer 11 years old. Choose a word that doesn’t make you stress much on the “ee” sound. If you absolutely wish to show off your teeth, our favourite word to say out loud – “money”. Try it and see the difference!


5. Take seated photos from a bit afar.

Most stylish pictures on Instagram are just that – taken at fancy restaurants as you eat delectable food and get clicked while enjoying it. A simple trick to make them come out even better is to ask the photographer to take your picture from a bit of distance, and preferably, from a higher angle. This fills the frame with beautiful restaurant accents, and makes you look like you’re having a gala time too!


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