#SeenItPowerUser: Quirky Q&A with Vishakha Sodha

Howdy, fashionistas! Say hello to Vishakha Sodha, our newest Power User who loves video games and driving as much as she loves fashion. Qualified as a fashion designer, Vishakha is a VJ & Actor by passion, and has also styled various TV shows. We roped her in for a quick Q&A about her personal style. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this one. Read up on!



What’s your latest fashion obsession?
Shrugs, long line cardigans, jackets, trench coat … you got what I am saying, right? The whole darn family!

Heels or flats?
HEELS. Heels, HEELS. Oh, did I miss out on saying, heels?

90s’ grunge or 60s’ glam?
Well, 90’s glam 😉

What’s your favourite fashion quote?
I want people to be afraid of the women I dress. – Alexander McQueen

What’s your most hated fashion trend?
Polka dots and high waist bottoms. Also, eye shadows.



If there was an apocalypse and you could grab just 3 items from your closet, what would they be?
That little brunch dress, floor length cardigan and platforms! (I’ll have sunglasses in my bag anyway)

One TV character’s wardrobe you’d kill to have.
Robin Scherbatsky on “How I Met Your Mother”.

If you won the lottery, which clothing store would you like to raid?
Koovs and Forever21, that’s all you’d find in my wardrobe too.

One fashion rule every woman should break.
Heels for the short ones, and flats for tall ones. Maxis are for taller girls, shorts for the short ones bla bla! NO! It’s okay if your “guy” looks shorter when you wear heels, and it’s okay if you look like a kindergarten kid. IS OKAY!

See what Vishakha has been up to on SeenIt here.

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