The Insider’s Guide To What Really Went Down At The 2-Day Staycation In Delhi


What happens when the country’s top bloggers and influencers come together for a lavish extravaganza that goes on through the weekend? F-U-N! You saw your favourite bloggers flood their Instagram with dazzling pictures and stories from a certain Staycation last weekend, didn’t you? Well, allow us to give you all the inside scoop on the 2-day soiree – brought to you by

1. The Natty Staycation went on for 2 days at the Andaz Delhi. 


Hosted by the newly launched fashion and lifestyle store by Natisha Saraogi, the Staycation witnessed an impressive fleet of bloggers and media personalities from Delhi and Mumbai who indulged in food, design, and games at Andaz, Delhi.

2. The guests were welcomed in their rooms with a cool bunch of Natty knick-knacks.


Now that’s what we call a pampered welcome! From Natty goodie bags, confetti-filled balloons, and a welcome folder with a note from Natisha herself, to the weekend itinerary, allocated spa slots, a customized DND sign and a press kit about Natty, the welcome couldn’t be any cooler!

3. But, what was inside the goodie bags?


Exclusive items from Natty such as Bareball energy balls, Brownsalt granola, a canvas tote bag, a fragrant candle travel tin, and much more to set the mood for a perfect staycation for the guests!

4. Up ahead was a walk through the Natty pop-up store at the event.


After an indulgent welcome, the guests walked through Natty’s exciting pop-up store where they got acquainted with the varied products by the brand. From active wear to sustainable lifestyle delights and colourful décor, there was no dearth of items to steal the guests’ heart.

5. Cake pops and mini confetti balloons with quirky fortunes at the hotel’s AnnaMaya restaurant.


A delish feast awaited guests at the hotel’s restaurant, which was followed by a presentation from the award-winning pastry chef Gordon Galea about his deconstructed Oreo Cheesecake in true Natty style.

6. A visit to the spa, pool and a movie marathon – the Natty Staycation had all three!


What’s a vacation if you can’t be lazy? From dedicated spa spots to pool side indulgences and a movie marathon, the guests enjoyed Saturday noon feeling their utmost relaxed.

7. Saturday eve was a sundowner of handcrafted cocktails and live jazz music.


Imagine veteran designers like Abraham and Thakore, Varun Bahl, and artists like Tagra and Thukral in attendance! That, was the sundowner the guests were in for. After an exciting evening of drinks and live music, the guests returned to their rooms to find a modern day recovery kit and comfy pajamas to enjoy the rest if their night. Sigh, if only we were pampered like this, every day!

8. A Sunday brought to a perfect close with a 4-course meal interspersed with drinking games.


For Sunday, Natty collaborated with the girls of Delhi Secret Supper Club to host a tropical themed brunch. Known for personalizing every little detail, The DSSC had ‘stalked’ all 60 of the guests into detailed tippy-taps to reveal fun secrets over fruity cocktails.

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Suffices to say, weekend made, eh? We went a step further and prepared a collection of all things Natty just for you. Check it out here.

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