#TrendDare: Will You Try A Naked Dress In Real Life?

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Wait, wait, wait. Don’t disregard the sound of it just yet. Naked dresses caught the limelight of the paparazzi back in 2015, when Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian strutted on the red carpet in sheer gowns. But that, is the red carpet. How about real life?

First, let’s understand exactly what a naked dress is.

Simply put, each time you find a sheer dress that has embroidered or patched bits across the “important parts”, whilst revealing just about everything else, you’re seeing a naked dress.

The funny thing, however, is that you won’t feel the least bit conscious upon seeing them on the web. Celebs came and went wearing variations of this trend, and gradually, the naked dress found its way into street style.

If you still think how it can be done, here are a few examples. And then, we’ll ask you to try it out yourself!

1. The sheerness of this skirt is balanced out by a moderately covered top.

Want the look? Post the image here and start hunting!

2. Think you can pull this shirt off without wearing a spaghetti underneath?

Kristen Stewart


3. Here’s the easiest naked dress you won’t have to think twice before replicating!


4. Is this the perfect dress for a semi-casual cocktail dinner or what?


5. Now that’s a LWD we can get on-board with.


6. You saw Mira Rajput don a white one at Masaba Gupta’s bridal shower. Turn to its red variant for some real sultriness.

Mira Rajput Bridal Shower

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