8 Slick Ways To Wear Tube Tops Without Looking Dated


Remember those fugly sequin-encrusted strapless bandeau tops that we wore to parties back in the day? No? Okay, remember Carrie Bradshaw in the earlier seasons of Sex and the City? Or, Britney Spears in the famous pink latex tube top? Boy, are we glad those are gone! What hasn’t gone, however, is the basic principle behind the style. The tube top has sure come a long way since then; if you’re skinny and aren’t afraid of a little skin show, this one’s a total go!

We’re swooning over off-the-shoulder tops, so, why hesitate from wearing the “no-shoulder” trend too? To ensure that your outfit doesn’t end up looking outdated, take cues from the following au currant street style looks:

1. For a sporty chic look, pair your tube top with loose cotton pants and sneakers.


2. An easy-peasy printed tube-top-and-flared-pants set looks even better with a contrasting cape.


3. ‘Arya’ digging Maisie Williams‘ tube top paired with a cute midi as much as we do?


4. Well, if you must go back to the 90s after all, throw in a bomber jacket over your tube top for a serious badass look.


5. These striped pants and boots make a basic black tube top look so damn rich!


6. This blogger worked a white shirt under a tube top, and we’re losing our sh*t over how classy that looks.


7. The 2017 way to wear a tube top is also the easiest way to wear a tube top.


8. A tube top with a denim skirt and hair styled in beach waves is a fashionista’s way of telling the world that she’s on the holiday of life!


The tube trend is here to stay! Discover hundreds of styles by clicking here.

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