Bow Ties For Men Make A Comeback! Read The BEST Ways To Style Them

how to style a bow tie for men

Men’s fashion was ignored until a few years back but boy aren’t the times changing. Bow ties are the latest fashion addition from the 90’s that are making a grand comeback!

Looking for the best way to style bow ties? Read on and find all your answers!

1.  The casual denim-shirt and black pants look. A bow-tie makes it look a tad bit more sexy!



2. Open bow-ties are trending at all the latest fashion shows; recently at the Paris Fashion Week. Tried one yet?



3. Perfect for a mix of casual-formal? Over a sweater and blazer in the winter. Looks quite trendy



4. You can also opt for subtle colours, mixing greys and whites with a brighter pocketsquare for the ultimate Adonis look!



5. Lastly, don’t hesitate to experiment with colours and fabrics. A lot of celebrities have been spotted in velvet! Game for it?



Want some more bow tie inspiration? Head over to our bow-tie looks here!

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