More Is More! You've Heard Of Minimalism; Now Try Maximalism!


When it comes to fashion, we only go by one rule: “better safe than sorry”. However, we also go by another rule: “if it’s not turning heads, it’s not worth an effort”. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where maximalist style stems from.

The exact opposite of minimalism, maximalism celebrates excess and redundancy in sartorial choices. For instance, at first, picking two clashing colours may sound ridiculous, but that’s precisely the point! Think Sonam Kapoor’s endless fashion picks that made you want to scream “tone that look down!” at your computer screen. But, hey, you don’t become a fashion icon by playing safe, do you?

Today, we make merry with loud prints, bright colours, and tons of embellishment. Come aboard maximalist style and you’ll never step down from power dressing:

1. Look at these larger-than-life fur coats over striking colours and statement shoes.


2. Or, this heavily embroidered coat with tattered jeans.


3. Bold prints combined with prominent jewellery is how you ensure second glances for all the right reasons.


4. And you thought stoles couldn’t look as glamorous as jackets on A-line dresses.


5. The mother of all maxi skirts is here.


6. Twinning with your BFF ? This is how you look like the most fashionable duo in town.


7. A printed jumpsuit may be doable, but a contrasting jacket takes it to an all new level.

nyfw street style - 13

All we’re saying is, it pays to push the boundaries of fashion every once in a while. Stock up on the latest fashion trends here and start experimenting!

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