6 Fashion Resolutions Every Girl Should Make in The New Year


Weight loss, healthy routine and less bi*ching are passé. As 2018 beckons, we are talking resolutions that you can actually follow. If you’re a true-blue fashionista, let’s make 2018 a rocking year for you!

Repeat after us, will ya?

Resolution #1: “I will get more polished in my dressing.”


A li’l more glam, a li’l more put-together. Don’t get us wrong; we’re crazy for our sweatshirts, but we want you to up the ante just a little bit more this year. Sounds doable?

Resolution #2: “I will get inspired by celeb looks, not try to replicate them”.


Instagram – is a goldmine of inspiration. However, we fail to realise the thin line between inspiration and replication. Don’t run the risk of losing your own sense of style. Instead, seek celeb looks for ideas, and create your own that suit your body type.

Resolution #3: “I will prioritise quality over quantity”.


We get it – the world of e-commerce is enticing. There’s outfits and accessories suiting every budget. However, this new year, promise yourself that you will sift through the variety, but invest only in stuff that’ll last longer. Quality over quantity – we learned it the hard way.

Resolution #4: “I will make an effort to revive old pieces I no longer work”.


Even the biggest designers of the world are bringing back old trends, so, why shouldn’t you? Instead of letting those old tops and dresses rot in the back of your closet, find new ways to utilize them. Take them to your local designer, or take to Pinterest for some cool recycling tricks. This will also ensure that you learned something new. Cool, isn’t it?

Resolution #5: “I will embrace at least one trend that is out of my comfort zone”.


We love this one, for this is how you push yourself as a fashion lover. What’s more, if at times, you find yourself stuck in a style rut, a brand new trend would give you the courage and motivation to step out of your comfort world. It could be anything you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing – six-inch heels, a tutu skirt, a beanie, or a bralet.

Resolution #6: “I will have more fun with fashion this year than I did earlier”.


Fashion is meant for your pleasure – not to put you under pressure. Go a little crazy, try new things, be a better stylist friend to your BFF, combine thrift style with couture, and paint the town red. The idea is to make 2018 your oyster, so, let’s do it!

Happy New Year, peeps! Let’s kick-start 2018 with a host of new trends to embrace.

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