These Uber-Cool Slogan Tote Bags "Totes" Say What's On Your Mind


They say, a woman’s accessories speak for her when she doesn’t want to. Okay, we said that. The point is, why take the pains of talking cool when it is easily possible with what you carry as arm candy? Allow these uber-cool totes to speak your mind as you run across town looking your chicest:

1. If funky is your game, this tote must be your go-to accessory.


2. We all have so many people like that, don’t we?


3. You know who you are.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.55.19 am

4. Is any beach visit ever complete without your favourite bag that contains all beauty essentials, your flip flops and a good book?


5. Now that’s a bag you take to a party that has your intentions for the night embroidered all over it.


6. For all the French literals out there.


7. You aren’t a true Harry Potter fan unless you own its every cool merchandise available in India – including this.


8. Wanna put no effort into dressing up? This tote will cover it for ya.


Psst.. they lied to you; there’s no such thing as too many bags! Explore thousands of styles here and stock up!

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