9 Lit AF Ways To Get Into The Spirit of Christmas


The workload isn’t reducing, and the deadlines are sucking the life out of you. Amidst all this, how do you relish the jolly holiday season (something we asked ourselves while struggling to meet the deadline of this blog!)?

It’s simple; make a conscious effort to take out a few minutes during the day, and indulge in the following before you clock out. From fashion picks to home décor and holiday essentials, here’s how the stylish you is supposed to get into the festive spirit.

1. Start by introducing some kickass lighting. Nothing changes the mood quite like a sudden inclusion of festive lights, isn’t it?


2. Shop for a Christmas sweater that you can snuggle in. It’s going to last way longer than this festive season.


3. Glitter linen. Enough said.


4. A gorgeous illusion of snow at the entrance, perhaps?


5. Wear it. Drink it. A splurge on “wine” is an excellent idea.


6. It’s the little knick-knacks that change the mood. Take these red tassel earrings, for example.


7. Red may be clichéd for an office Christmas party, but not if you enter in this sultry little sequin dress.


8. Or, this bottle green maxi dress that’s promises some serious head turning.


9. A brand new red makeup palette. Now, that’s the Christmas spirit!


We all need Christmas cheer in our lives! Why not click here to explore our exclusive holiday collection?

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