All Your Burning Questions About Dry Shampoo Answered!

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Easily one of the most revolutionary hair products of the last few years, the dry shampoo has secured a permanent spot on the beauty shelf. Whether you’re legit looking for a quicker way to shampoo your hair or are simply lazy AF (hi-five, gal!), dry shampoo is what you need to bet your money on.

Read through to find out all about dry shampoos through this handy series of Q&A:

1. How exactly is a dry shampoo different from a regular shampoo?


A: As the name suggests, dry shampoos are exactly that – you don’t need to wet your hair to use them. Dry shampoos come in the form of a spray that you can directly apply on your hair – anytime, anywhere. As opposed to a proper hair wash, using a dry shampoo is much quicker and easier.

2. But, what the heck does dry shampoo do?


A: Answer this: why do you shampoo your hair? To get rid of the accumulated oil and cleanse your scalp. Dry shampoo does exactly that, only this time, you don’t need to go into the shower. Spraying dry shampoo on your roots absorbs all the oil accumulated through days, and controls odour too.

3. What magical ingredients does dry shampoo possess?


A: Any dry shampoo in the market contains two essential elements – a) An oil-absorbing substance and b) a scented freshener. Of course, there do exist dry shampoos that contain no scent, so you can pick one based on your preferences.

4. Apart from saving time, are there any other benefits of using a dry shampoo?


A: How would you like to preserve your hair colour? Reduce damage from heat styling? Prolong your messy updo? Oh, and conserve water? Using a dry shampoo has one too many advantages: a good quality dry shampoo preserves your hair’s nutrients when a normal wet-dry-style routine doesn’t. What’s more, the reduction in water application prolongs your hair colour too.

5. Okay, when should I ideally use a dry shampoo?


Here are some everyday situations that command the use of a dry shampoo: post workout, camping trips, night outs, sickness, and basically every time you’re feeling too lazy to wash your hair the conventional way. Simply spray it onto your roots and run your fingers through your hair to spread it evenly.

6. Now, to the real question: which is the best dry shampoo?

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Just like ordinary shampoos, dry shampoos too come in a wide range based on your hair type. For instance, if your hair is colour-treated, pick one that works specifically in that direction. On the other hand, if you’re blessed with tenacious curls, there’s a dry shampoo for that too! It really depends on what your hair type is; there’s a dry shampoo for every hair need of yours!

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