10 Times Alia Bhatt Proved That Sunglasses Are Worth Spending All Your Money On


Reflector shades have been around for a long time, and if you ask our opinion, no one flaunts them quite like Ms. Bhatt. But, that’s not all – Alia loves playing around with different eyewear styles and, it’s time you gave into the sweet indulgence yourself. Here go our absolute favourite sunglasses on the actor:

1. Huuuuuuge green reflectors to get your neon on.


2. Add an extra dose of swag to a casual jersey dress with a pair of bright sunnies.


3. Arr, no greens? No problem! Try pink.


4. Is there any outfit reflector shades don’t work on?


5. The right time to invest in oversized aviators is NOW.


6. We’ve told you before; tiny sunglasses are back in the game. 


7. There’s a whole lotta blue in this outfit and we’re loving every inch of it.


8. Bohemian sass is easy – just cover your eyes with a pair of badass aviator shades.


9. A round retro pair of sunglasses can make any look vintage, no?


10. Ain’t nothing like transparent sunglasses to be on the top of your fashion game.


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