6 Dapper Ways Men Can Wear A Scarf This Winter


Love a scarf but find it kinda sorta OTT? Not anymore! While women have it easy with scarves (there are umpteen ways to wear one!), most men shy away from the accessory, thinking it’s a bit effeminate. After all, you can’t rely on a heavy trench coat each time you want to don a scarf, can you?

This winter, let’s change that for ya! Here’s six different ways you can pull off a scarf, and totally transform your style game. Take a look.

#1: Wear a neutral scarf looped around your neck in a way that it takes the attention away from the rest of your outfit. Whether on semi-formal blazers or full-sleeved fitted t-shirts, this style works best on both.


#2: If you’re going to accessorise, might as well go all the way! Style this striped scarf in the form of a knot over a basic striped t-shirt. Make sure the two stripes aren’t jarring though; pick a t-shirt with bold stripes and a scarf in soft ones, and vice versa.


#3: Trust tartan to elevate the simplest of jackets you own! Just hang this one around your neck, and you’ve successfully created a statement without trying too hard.


#4: This one’s an absolute example of how the tiniest of accessories can change your entire look! For days a wooly, oversized scarf isn’t your cup of tea, opt for this little number to lend a cool contrast to your overall look.


#5: If you love yourself some serious colour-blocking, here’s a sure-shot winner of a look! Pick a pair of bright shade chinos or trousers, and team it up with an equally bright scarf. Now that’s quite a way to add some cheer to the gloomy season, innit?


#6: Why take to a tie on every formal occasion? Swap your usual button-down shirt for a polo tee, and pick this minimalistic scarf over a tie to completely change the formal style game.


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