2017’s Most Cringe-Worthy Beauty Trends That’ll Leave You Screaming WTF!


The world of beauty is ever-surprising. Remember Kim Kardashian’s blood-fueled vampire facial back in 2014? Every year, we take to newer trends – however weird they may sound – and lay to rest some trends that made us cringe. Effin’ hard.

The following list is full of those. Share with your friends for fun, and note their reaction:

#1: Wavy eyebrows. One question: Why TF?


#2: Leech facial. And, here we thought that “leech” was a word reserved for exes. #TooFar?


#3: Glitter armpits. Side note: We were very uncomfortable looking for the perfect picture to put up with this trend.


#4: Meme makeup. So that you can make people laugh as soon as they look at you.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 4.20.37 pm

#5: Super-pointy nails. Ya know, it makes sense for Kylie Jenner to make this trend popular; she never had to do a dish in her life. Us mortals, on the other hand…


#6: Eye embellishments. From poms poms to glitter and heavy stickers, this is the perfect trend for cartoons on TV. We’d bolt if we saw it in real life tho.


All said and done, 2017 wasn’t all that bad. Let’s get your heart rate stable, and take you to explore the best of the lot.

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