10 Polka Dot Pieces To Combat That "I Have Nothing To Wear" Situation


It’s time you put polka dots alongside a stack of classic trends like denim, florals, monochrome, and more! The trend resurfaces every now and then, with bigger and better dots, and why not? It makes excellent BFFs with almost everything in your wardrobe.

That said, the next time you’re in a “what do I wear today” conundrum, dig into this classic print and make a stylish statement all too well. Shop away the following:

1. When you don’t want to put a lot of effort into styling, this simple yet fabulous maxi dress with a cinched waist comes to your rescue.


2. A flared pantsuit, too, is a definite head-turner.


3. Feeling lazy? Slip into this cutesy polka dot summer dress.


4. Or an effortlessly chic jumpsuit, maybe?


5. There’s a polka dot top for every skirt you have in your closet.


6. How about some easy-peasy, harmless print mixing with ‘em dots?


7. Let your marvelous frilly midi stand out in a pool of basics.


8. For every time you have trouble teaming up your coloured pants, a B&W polka dot shirt is ready to save the day. 


9. A sheer polka dot midi is our go-to party dress.


10. Every girl needs a loose kurta like this one for those once-in-a-while traditional mood swings.


That’s not it! Explore hundreds of those statement spots by clicking here.

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