About Us

We got promises to keep,

and miles to go before we sleep!

We had a bright idea

SeenIt was created by three fashion-conscious guys who came to the realisation that finding where to buy fashionable outfits they loved was a tougher task than they thought. And well if it was difficult for us, we thought it maybe a harrowing experience for others too!

But why SeenIt?

SeenIt is our way of changing the way people shop for the products they are inspired by. Why settle for that second best outfit you only kind of wanted but didn't really love?

So what is SeenIt?

SeenIt is a passionate community of fashion enthusiasts who use their shopping prowess to help each other track down the things they love. This positive community consists of stylists, bloggers and anyone who loves individual style.

How does SeenIt work?

If you have a photo of an outfit you love but can't find, SeenIt's community of fashionistas will have a suggestion for you within a few hours. Its like having a community of stylists at your fingertips!

Do you have any other apps?

Yes we do. We run one of the world’s leading AI-powered Clienteling solutions for fashion retailers - StyleSend. We also have a short form news app - Fashion in Bits - that curates the important news of the day from the fashion, retail and luxury world.

What is StyleSend - the Clienteling App?

Keeping in touch with key customers is hard. In an omnichannel world retailers need to make sure their customers have a personalised experience across every touchpoint. StyleSend has been making Clienteling simple for the most iconic luxury retailers around the world. Read more here.

What is Fashion in Bits?

Fashion in Bits is a top rated short form news app that helps leaders in the retail world stay on top of important news from the industry. 5 minutes a day and you’re all caught up. It’s available to download for free.
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