Hollywood Celebs

Best of Hollywood style!

Kendall Jenner - From black leather to strategic silhouettes, Kendall's got her style on lock - SeenIt

Kendall Jenner

129 quests

Gigi Hadid - Gigi Hadid's outfits are so on point, we wonder how she's got such a grasp on fashion - SeenIt

Gigi Hadid

135 quests

Blake Lively - Constantly mixing things up when it comes to fashion, Blake Lively's style is always killer - SeenIt

Blake Lively

103 quests

Kylie Jenner - Glamourous dresses, killer heels and tailored suits, Kylie's style never wears out - SeenIt

Kylie Jenner

104 quests

Miranda Kerr - Consistently flawless whether at an event or at the airport, Miranda Kerr's outfits are constantly on point - SeenIt

Miranda Kerr

35 quests

Emma Watson - From Potter to perfection, all the best looks from Emma Watson's great fashion game - SeenIt

Emma Watson

53 quests

Sarah Jessica Parker - Sex and the City may have made the actress a fashion icon but it's her real life style that has kept her there! - SeenIt

Sarah Jessica Parker

27 quests

David Beckham - Biker to Brooklyn hipster, Bond to Esquire, David Beckham is the ultimate male fashion icon - SeenIt

David Beckham

17 quests

Zac Efron - Zac Efron has some of the finest tailored suits but his casual style game is untouchable. Check out his looks! - SeenIt

Zac Efron

22 quests

Justin Bieber - Beliebe it or not, you can learn a thing or two from Justin Bieber's style. - SeenIt

Justin Bieber

22 quests